Inventions / Research & Development

POLRED (Patented)

After seven years of extensive research I have designed, developed & invented a device that can Reduce Air Pollution, Emission, Smoke / Carbon, Heat, Dust & Ash, especially from Diesel Engines, D.G. Sets, Chimneys, Coal / Thermal Power / Casting / Steel Plants, Cement & Chemical Factories Sugar/Paper Mills Etc.

This device has been patented in India and Abroad (52 countries)

Multi-purpose Design Cutting, Embossing & Calendaring Machine (Patented)

It was recognized, promoted and appreciated by NRDC, FDDI, PPDC and DSIR (Ministry Of Science and Technology, Government of India)

Continuous Serial Numbering Machine and Tamperproof Plastic Seal

A numbering machine has been made with features like continuous serial number up to seven digits and is best used in plastic and metal in punched / engraved, high rise and embossed fashion at the time of molding operation itself and separately as well.


  • Continues Serial Numbering Machine for Molding / Stamping on PVC and Stamping / Marking on Metal also

  • Finger and hand safety device, especially for power and hydraulic press etc.

  • Weighing scale, without aid of physical weight & spring tension.

  • Plastic Pliers.

  • Sugar Cane Juice Machine.

  • My tireless journey started with Plastic Seal still continues with my proposed new products like Slip Resistance Testing Machine, Football Bounce

  • Testing Machine, Gear Box for Cycle Rickshaw, Lime Juice Machine and Vertical Mango Cutting Machine for the purpose of Pickles & Jams is in Pipeline.

OnGOING Projects