A dedicated device to combat air pollution, global warming and climate change “POLRED” or i.e. Multi-Purpose Air Pollution Reducer Device is a 100% lab invented indigenous technology tested and patented in India & abroad.

A brief presentation


After 7 years of Research and Development establishing sources of air pollution and their multiple venues POLRED was developed. The purpose of working on air pollution was to not just cleaning the air we breathe, but to clean the environment. As per research, it was concluded that if air pollution is curbed at source, most air pollution can be terminated. This can easily be done from all type of chimneys, engines, and even environmental pollutants such as road dust including abrasion of vehicle tyres, break shoes etc. (Please see Annexure “B”)

The same is possible for most Indoor air pollution, e.g. dust from shoes, filaments from abrasion of clothes, bed sheets, sofas, curtains and carpets etc.

Tested first by NPL, POLRED has been proved to capture PM1 and PM2.5-1 along with PM2.5 and PM10 and capture major gases like CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2 from environmental air and also capture them in a stable forms (As per NPL-CSIR report).

NPL has tested the collection efficiency of the device (POLRED) against coal burning (Chimney Device), diesel combustion emissions (Diesel Engine Device) and environmental air/Indoor Pollution (Floor Device).

Extract of NPL-CSIR report


Demonstration videos at the time of examination at NPL

Chimney Device (for all types of Chimneys, Domestic, Commercial or Industrial): (Duration 4 mint. 39 Sec.)

Diesel Engine Device (D.G. Sets and all types of Locomotive or marine Diesel engine from 5 hp): (Duration 6 mint. 51 Sec.)

Floor Device (for environmental and indoor air pollution): (Duration 7 mint. 30 Sec.)

Air Pollution at Airports (from aircraft landing & take-off): (Duration 8 mint. 50 Sec.)

Technical specifications of all three Devices