POLRED Journey

➢ 2014: Air pollution killing millions and negatively impacting our environment

2014: Identification of Major Air Pollutants

Gases: CO, CO2, SO2 & NO2

Particulate Matter: PM10, PM2.5 and Ultra-fine Particle Matter (i.e. PM2.5-1 & PM1)*

Minor Pollutants: Rubber, nylon and plastic particles (Polymers)* produced in urban areas by the friction of vehicle tires, brake shoes

2015: Identification four major sources of air pollution

2015: Solution: POLRED (working model developed)

Captures PM2.5 and PM10 along with fine particles (PM1 and PM2.5-1)* and captures major gases like CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2 from environmental air, and in a stable form (As per NPL-CSIR report).

January 2016: Indian Patent Applied

January 2017: Applied for International Patent with PCT

May 2017: Y category Certificate in International Search Report

August 2017: Gazette Published from Geneva

January 2016: Indian Patent

Government of India departments (CPCB, DPCC, MoEFCC- Govt. of India, MoEFCC- Govt. of Delhi, DST-CSIR & TDB- CSIR (with IIT- Delhi and IIT- Kanpur) dealing with air pollution were approached & informed about fine particles and causes of death being polymers.

March 2019: First International Patent Granted (South Africa)

August 2021: Patents Granted in United States, Europe (38 Countries), China, Singapore, South Korea

September 2021: Patents In pipeline - UAE (7 Countries), Canada, Australia, Japan